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Proposal to Reduce the Number of MALL Committees

I drafted this document last year. Rather than adopting any of the ideas, we instead decided to go through a strategic planning process. Take a look at this proposal and share your thoughts. As we move forward with the strategic planning a restructuring of committees will likely be one of the results.

Prepared by Elvira Embser-Herbert
For the MALL Chairs’ Breakfast
February 18, 2005

1. Have coordinators instead of committees if a committee isn’t needed.
Instead of a committee for Government Relations, Archives, and Exchange, make these Coordinators. There can be co-coordinators and if there is ever a need for a committee, one could be formed around a purpose.

2. Have a single Publications committee that is compiled of the newsletter editor(s), the Web editor(s), the person(s) responsible for submitting news to Spectrum, etc., and those working to create and or maintain bibliographic tools.

3. Have a Public Relations committee that does community outreach to prospective members, and employers, as well as represents MALL at AA
LL and other venues.

4. Make nominations, awards, grants, and scholarships functions of the Membership committee.

5. Maintain the Education committee, but make the past president the chair or co-chair.

6. Maintain the Tech Services SIS as is.

The five committees:
1. Education
2. Membership
3. Public Relations
4. Publications
5. Tech Services SIS

Each executive board member will be liaison to one of the committees.
Coordinators will communicate with the executive board as needed.

Ad hoc committees can be formed at any time to deal with a particular issue.