January 4, 2006

Planning the planning

Hello, Strategic Planning Task Force Members and Gail
Let's use this post to discuss what needs to be done to get ready for our retreat. Just click on the comments link to share your thoughts.
Please also take a minute to look at the other posts and the links to the right. What else should be there?
Gail, please let us know what you need.
For example do you need a projector, screen, computer (with or without Internet access), big pads of paper for each table (I can't get it in my head what they are called, but you know what I mean), markers, tent cards for names...what else?
We’ll also want name tags. Hope, could you do these like you did for the 50th? I am keeping a list of people who will be attending. It would nice if the name tags included their committee if they are a chair. Exec board and SP task force members could also be identified.
Task force members: do you object to this discussion being visible to our membership? I want to get the discussion going to generate ideas before the retreat, but I want to check with you first. I am a fan of transparency, but I'd like to know what you think before I send a message out to the list inviting all of our members to visit this site.
Please also comment about anything we need to do. You received my message to the general membership. Once we start getting responses we will know whether selection will be necessary. Ideally, we will have exactly the number of volunteers as we have spaces--it's great being an optimist.
Okay, comment away...