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my ride

here are a few photos of the bicycle I'm going to be riding for the MS150.

I first bought this bike back in 1988 - my first bike purchase:

I rode it the way it came for many years. eventually it was involved in a pretty serious crash, which resulted in my front wheel bent like a taco shell. I then converted it to single/fixed, as I had been looking for a reason to do so, anyway, after seeing some nice employee-owned fixed gears hanging up in the old Now Sports in Calhoun square. The crash also gave me an excuse to build the two new wheels still being used today.

Here it is after the single/fixed conversion and an upgrade to Moustache bars, which I had picked up after Jim (pre-Hiawatha Cyclery) decided he didn't want them anymore.

and once more after the addition of a Brooks saddle - a self-imposed birthday present about two years ago.

view from the cockpit



your U of M acct. is blocking me as spam. Here's the message:

Hello Mark,

that's very rad that you are doing this. Do you know if I can make a
blanket donation to the entire team? Let me know; one way or the
other I'll definitely contribute.