March 29, 2008

multiple sclerosis 150 mile ride

Now accepting tax deductible donations for the MS-150 ride this June. Do it.

August 13, 2007

2008 MS 150

So at the end of the 2007 MS 150 ride, I found out it cost me nothing to register for the 2008 event - so I went ahead and did so, not knowing where I'd be living next year. I'll probably be here, but if not, I'll just come back for the weekend - it was that much fun.

So I've got a page setup for raising money for the 2008 event - if you're needing tax breaks for FY 2007, go ahead and pledge me now!

Here's the URL, which is also in the above link:

June 11, 2007

MS150 ride photos

People, here are photos of the MS150 ride this past weekend, as seen through the eyes of me.

And a flickr pool started for members of Team 1FS.

2007 MS150 Team 1FS

Remember, you have until July 27th, 2007 to help fight MS - my new goal is $1500 - nearly there!

May 10, 2007

HRC, not Crofut

But Crofut is still supplying the wine, it's just that they don't have permits from the county, as they are just starting out.


April 6, 2007


Thanks to my latest sponsor, Dr. Jami, the MS society is getting 90% of my goal of 1000 bucks.

Thanks to Jami and thanks to all that have sponsored this ride so far.

It's Good Friday, go and make the goodest of it.

April 4, 2007

Zito Fund

Chris Zito Fund
TCF Routing # 001-01-J
801 Marquette Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55402-9984

Make checks out to "Chris Zito Fund".

March 21, 2007

A new sponsor

The Hub Bike Co-op is the newest sponsor of Team 1FS. Welcome aboard, The Hub.

Crofut Winery Ride


March 16, 2007

Worldly Popular

hits by location - come on international peoples, don't be discouraged to make a pledge!

March 9, 2007


Holy cow - it's been a good day for pledges to the MS. With the help of another former Navy fellow, Dave - living down in Texas (Austin, so he's cool), I'm at an even 70% of my personal goal.

Once again, thanks to all.

an even 600 and 60%

Thanks to the fairly unusual donation amount from JP, living up in Alaska, my total is at an even $600! And now I'm at 60% of my personal goal of $1000 for this MS ride.

On a side note: for those of you out of the know - JP is one of my Navy buddies - one of the smart ones, like me, that saw a brighter future elsewhere and got out when he had the chance.

March 7, 2007

Mid-Week update and a few photos

A late breaking pledge from Dr. Dibs, all the way from Tennessee! Thank you, sir.

as for all the donors thus far, go ahead, you've earned a look at some of my bicycle photos.

March 4, 2007

Weekend Update

You should know that most of the currently ten strong team of 1FS showed up at Adam and Jessica's house last evening for a team meeting and get-to-know-you social. A reminder to anybody that makes a pledge to me that there will be an equally if not more impressive gathering a week or so prior to the ride, thrown by myself in your honor - of course it will likely be warmer at around that time, so you won't have to wear so many jackets and outer wear type clothing.

This is my bike last night en-route to Adam and Jessica's place up in NE Mpls - yes, that's a 5L mini-keg of König Pilsener on the rear rack. What's that you say - you've never heard of that beer? That's because you can't buy it here, that's why. It was flown over in the suitcase of a German buddy of mine a week or two back... That's the level of detail we put into being team 1FS - only the finest and most difficult to come by material possessions will do. Nothing is too good for us - unless it comes to your pledge - keep them coming - large and small pledges are both gladly accepted.


March 2, 2007


Thanks to a late night donation by Dr. Vatson, the MS is getting 53% of personal goal of $1k.

Just a reminder to fence-sitting potential donors - this money is not going to me or my team - this money is being used "to support MS research and enable the many programs offered by the National MS Society for people affected by MS."

and yes, the comments are open for discussion - if you have any questions, you can do so by leaving a comment or by emailing/calling/visiting me.

March 1, 2007

51% !

Thanks to the latest donor, pushing my total past 50% - the rest is all downhill, right?

Today's donors thus far:


Thursday Update

I'm at the half-way point of my personal goal - within a few cents, anyway. Our team is still a bit shy of their goal, so if you're a business, please help out the team in any amount possible.


Thanks to everyone thus far!

February 28, 2007

Wednesday evening update

thanks to the 3 new supporters today, including one all the way from Germany!

I would so far like to thank the following individual pledgers:
My parents
Dr. Xiaoliang
Jennifer H.
Bon Ki
anonymous (x2) (I know who you are - thanks)

and of course the following businesses who have made a contribution to either myself or the team:
Jim -
Hurl -
Brian -

I have also received pledge promises from several people. The simplest way to make a pledge is to use your credit card on the MS page, which you can get to via the two images on the top right. I can also accept checks or cash, but am not entirely sure how to get a tax exempt form for you, but I'll figure it out...

Total Thus Far:


February 27, 2007

MS150 pledge update

thanks to all that have either already pledged this ride, or have emailed me with a promise to pledge. the easiest way to either support me or my team as a whole is to click on one of the images on the top right of this page - or of course you can click here, where you can use your credit card to make a pledge - instantly.

as of this minute, I am at $354.69 - somewhat shy of my goal of $1000.

if you are a business, I would encourage you to make a pledge to our team, known as '1FS'. Our team goal is based on the number of riders who join. We are currently at ten riders, and the goal for ten riders is $3,500 ($300 for each rider, plus an additional $500.)



my ride

here are a few photos of the bicycle I'm going to be riding for the MS150.

I first bought this bike back in 1988 - my first bike purchase:

I rode it the way it came for many years. eventually it was involved in a pretty serious crash, which resulted in my front wheel bent like a taco shell. I then converted it to single/fixed, as I had been looking for a reason to do so, anyway, after seeing some nice employee-owned fixed gears hanging up in the old Now Sports in Calhoun square. The crash also gave me an excuse to build the two new wheels still being used today.

Here it is after the single/fixed conversion and an upgrade to Moustache bars, which I had picked up after Jim (pre-Hiawatha Cyclery) decided he didn't want them anymore.

and once more after the addition of a Brooks saddle - a self-imposed birthday present about two years ago.

view from the cockpit

February 26, 2007


Hey all bloggers in the happy internet-land. I've just signed up for the MS150 bike ride and would like to let everybody know how my fund raising is coming along.

I'll be riding a fixed gear bicycle - you know, the kind with only one speed - no you can't stop pedaling - when the wheels are moving, the crank arms are turning. Also, I'll be riding on a team - you know, with other people - all riding either fixed gear bikes or bikes with a freewheeling single speed. We pledge no gears and no spandex for this 150-mile ride, spread over two days in June, hot and sweaty June.

As of right now (~1640), I've got 25 bucks USD in the pot. I'm hoping for more than that, of course. My personal goal is to raise 1k USD.


As a university of MN student for many long years, this is my first time riding the MS-150. Any help from fellow U of MN'ers would be great. I'm a long time bike commuter, a some-time century rider, a dog-lover, music listener, beer drinkerer, and all around good guy.

I'm even pledging to have some sort of get-together for people who sponsor me. So if anyone does indeed get the urge, make sure I have a way of getting hold of you for this gathering at a location and time of my choosing.