ALA Connect

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ALA Connect is the American Library Association's social network.  Because it's relatively new, usage by ALA members is probably still pretty low.  However, it has a lot of potential and some units within ALA have begun it to conduct their business between conferences.

If you are a current ALA member, you can go to and login with your ALA member number and password.  Once you're in, you can set up your profile and email notifications.  You may choose to be notified whenever something happens in every group to which you belong or on a group-by-group basis.  Additionally, if you hold a committee or elected position in ALA, your membership should be reflected under "My ALA Groups".

  • Keep up with committee activities
  • Move working materials from private to public with one click
  • Find like-minded librarians in a very large organization (forthcoming)
  • Have content of interest from other parts of ALA pushed to you (forthcoming)

  • Yet another single-purpose network
  • Many groups in ALA have already developed workable methods for managing their work
  • Usefulness for members not on committees or in elected positions unclear

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