2010 Tech Expo a Success!

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Thank you to the 140-plus Libraries staff that attended last week's second Annual Emerging Tech Expo sponsored by the IT Council and Libraries Organization Development ( http://blog.lib.umn.edu/emergingtexpoblog/ ).  We hope you enjoyed the event and came away with new awareness of the technologies, tools, and services that were showcased.  The event was the collective effort of our knowledgeable and talented staff and guests, and they are recognized and thanked here.  

First, is the extraordinarily creative and efficient IT Council Tech Expo Planning subgroup led this year by Jennifer Reckner, with members Linda Eells, Eric Forbis, Lara Friedman-Shedlov, Denise Gamble, Lisa Johnston, Jan Roseen, and Scott Spicer.  

The event offered four rich, in-depth presentations by Janet Fransen, Kate Brooks, Colin McFadden (College of Pharmacy), Jason Roy, Scott Spicer, Ryan Mattke, Michael Winters, and Charlie Heinz.  

From Drupal and EthicShare to Skype and When-to-Work (and everything in-between), the Expo featured the work of our creative and engaging exhibits presenters: Sarah Morean, Lisa Johnston, Justin Dale (AHC), Layne Johnson, Kate McCready, Chad Fennel, Stephen Hearn , Janet Arth, Naun Chew, Cody Hanson, Shane Nackerud, Wayne Loftus, Anne Shelley and Arlene Matison (both from the Center for Transportation Studies), Kate Peterson, Jon Jeffreys, Kristen Mastel, Megan Kocher, Erin George, Scott Smith, Andrew Palahniuk, Beth Petsan, Charlie Heinz, Michael Winters, Philip Herold, Jerilyn Veldof, Jackie Gulbranson, Kirsten Clark, Mike Sutliff, John Barneson, Ryan Bean, Lara Friedman-Shedlov, Rod Rasmussen, and Marlo Welshons. 

The Expo was "powered" by our fabulous Computer Support staff: Michael Sutliff, Joe Nanti, Monica Winker-Bergstrom, John Geertz-Larson, and Michael Winters.  

Thanks to our Tech Expo documentarians: multimedia consultant Jenny Veile (videography) and Libraries Administration student employee Heidi Miller (photography).  

Additional preparatory and on-site support was graciously provided by Ryan Mattke and Charlie Heinz.  Thank you one and all for another great technology learning and sharing experience at this year's Expo!

- John Butler, Associate University Librarian for Information Technology and member of the Tech Expo Planning Committee 

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