Current Awareness and Personal Information Management Tools

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Presenters: Kate Brooks and Jan Fransen

At the Libraries, we're passionate about both connecting people with the information they need and keeping that information organized. We not only show our users how to keep up to date with the journals and conferences they care about, but we can also help them choose and use applications to keep it all organized. As more and more of their work moves online, though, our users are less likely to think of us when they need that kind of help.  

The Current Awareness and Personal Information Management (CAPIM) Collaborative has identified four areas where we can build on our established role as information management experts by continuously updating our skills in response to our users' evolving needs and concerns. Come explore examples of new tools in those areas with us, and we'll share our plans for identifying and growing Experts to support them. We'll also introduce both the CAPIM public web presence and a new tool you can use to evaluate and update your own CAPIM skills.

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