Google Apps Table FAQs

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Below are answers to some of the most popular questions we had at the Google Apps table during the TechExpo. We compiled questions in real time by using a form created in Google Docs!

Forms --> How to View Form Responses

How to create a Form:

How to access your U of M Gmail from your cell phone --> First, Change/Create your mobile password here:
Set or Change Your Google Desktop/Mobile Client Password

To get a Calendar Pop-Up reminder that will show up even if you are not viewing your calendar, try Google Desktop.
Download it here:

After you download it and install it, log in with your mobile/desktop password. Then add the Calendar gadget (click on the plus sign to add gadgets). Set your Calendar event reminders to Pop-Up. Google Desktop will give you a Pop-Up that shows on top of all open windows. It will not go away until you physically click on it.

How to create an e-mail list --> create a Contact Group in Contacts. Then, simply type in the Group name in the "To" field.

Thanks everybody for stopping by our table!
Andrew, Beth, Charlie, Scott

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