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Drupal as a Platform

You may know Drupal as the platform behind our web presence.  But Drupal is much more than simply a CMS, it's a software development framework.  I'll have a number of Drupal implementations on-hand for you to play with, ones that show just how far Drupal can be taken.  I'll also be available to answer questions about its capabilities and field your ideas for services that it can support within the U Libraries.

The two Drupal "Distributions" that I'll be demoing are as follows:

I'll also have a Drupal Gardens site demo available for you to poke at.  Drupal Gardens is a hosted Drupal service provided by the commercial Drupal provider, Acquia. Drupal Gardens is probably about the easiest way to get started with learning the application side of Drupal.

Drupal, It's Made of People

The University of Minnesota Libraries has been using Drupal Content Management System since the relatively early days of Drupal itself.  And we've helped to make Drupal better along the way by hosting usability testing, hosting "code sprints" and through individual contributions of our employees.  Come on by the booth to learn more about our involvement, to learn what a "code sprint" is, or find out how you too can help to make Drupal better.

I also created the obligatory short (prezi) slideshow for this piece.


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I enjoyed your Open Atrium installation. It's on drupal 7 and it's much better than the 6 versions. I'm trying to install 7 now to my test server and waiting to be stable..

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