The Wild World of Digital Media...

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Presented by Colin McFadden, Jason Roy, and Scott Spicer

In this panel presentation we will discuss the emergence of digital media content and collections in higher education, by providing background on local media streaming solutions (i.e., Media Mill), examples of user-generated and commercial media content, as well as local digital media archives (i.e., UMedia Archive).

Student Media Project Examples
Minnesota Food Systems - Google Map with video interviews (Sustainability Course)
Eurasian Milfoil digital story (PSTL 1906 Water Sustainability Class)
Student Public Service Announcement (PSTL 1525)

Digital Media Collections
UMedia Archive
Naxos Music Library
FMG Films OnDemand
Digital Content Library (CLA/CDES)
Minnesota Digital Library
Alexander Street Press Counseling and Therapy in Video
Alexander Street Press Opera in Video
Alexander Street Press Theater in Video

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