Amuse Bouche of Apps

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  • Goodreads
    • FREE! Available on the web or on Android & iOS. A social networking platform which allows users to catalog, review, and discuss books. Great for finding new reads!  

  • Home outside
    • $2.99 - Available on iOS. According to, "Home Outside allows you to create intricate and varied landscapes. [W]hen you're finished designing your yard or indulging in a little dreamscaping, you can e-mail results to friends."
  • Landscapers companion
    • $5.99 - Available on Android & iOS. Gardener's delight! A handy database of over 20,000 trees, plants, and vegetables. You can also save your favorites and upload your own images.
  • Leafsnap
    • FREE! Available on the web or on iOS. An electronic field guide containing high-res images of leaves, flowers, fruit, petiole, seeds, and bark of the Northeastern United States. Also allows for visual recognition using photographs for field identification.

  • How to cook everything & How to cook everything: Vegetarian
    • $9.99 - Available on iOS. A companion to Mark Bittman's printed recipe/reference books, this app is a must have for cooks on-the-go! Menu ideas, note-taking capabilities, and shopping lists make this app stand apart from others like it.
  • spark recipes
    • FREE! Available on the web or on Android & iOS. Sparknotes for cooking. Need we say more?

  • kitchen math
    • $.99 - Available on iOS. Kitchen conversions for units, temperature, and servings. Very handy, especially for baking!
  • cooks illustrated
    • FREE! Available on iOS. A companion to the beloved cookbook series, this app kicks it up a notch with videos, reviews of supermarket ingredients, and timer functions.
  • yelp
    • FREE! Available on the web or on Android and iOS. Search for and review "places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play." Users have been known to bring many chefs to their knees with bad reviews!
  • opentable
    • FREE! Available on the web or on Android and iOS. Very simply, this app will make and confirm reservations at participating restaurants.
  • zagat
    • FREE! Available on the web or on Android. Somewhat redundant, this app is now run by Google and requires a Google+ account. Functionally, it serves the same purpose as Google Reviews/Maps, just has the Zagat branding.
  • urbanspoon
    • FREE! Available on the web or on Android and iOS. "Can't decide where to eat? Urbanspoon can help. Shake your phone and Urbanspoon suggests restaurants near you. Keep shaking until you find a restaurant you'd like to try."
  • foodspotting
    • FREE! Available on the web or on Android and iOS. This app goes one step further! Not only can you rate the restaurant, you can search, review and rate the dishes they serve.
  • epicurious
    • FREE! Available on the web or on Android and iOS. The food lovers favorite, this app brings you the best of the epicurious experience. Recipes, shopping lists, and nutritional guides to save and share with friends!
  • all recipes
    • FREE! Available on the web or on Android and iOS. Very easy to navigate, designed with the home cook in mind!

  • Screenchomp
    • FREE! Available on iOS. "A simple doodling board, markers, and one-click sharing tools make spreading your ideas and know-how easy and fun!"
  • Air Sketch
    • $9.99 for iPad only. Syncs PowerPoint and iPad for roving.  
  • Moodle EZ
    • easy access to Moodle pages, though I usually don't edit in this app.
  • Nearpod
    • Teacher login and able to control students' ipads to show PowerPoint and quiz, etc.

Chef's Special
  • Rover
    • FREE! Available on iPad only. An alternative browser that lets you view (some) Flash.
  • Evernote
    • FREE! Available on Android or iOS. Everyones favorite note-taking app!
  • PDA Net
    • FREE! Available on Android. Your very own mobile hotspot!
  • G-Whizz
    • $2.99. Available on iOS. Great app for Google suite.

  • Shazam
    • FREE! Available on Android or on iOS. Listen and identify music.

  • CamDictionary
    • $1.99. Available on Android. Nice translator apps.

  • SayHi
    • $0.99. Available on iOS. Verbal translation into 40+ languages.

  • LogMeIn
    • FREE! Available on iOS and PC.  Access your laptop or desktop from your mobile device.  

  • Fast Camera
    • $1.99. Available on iOS.  Do you have kids running around or pets that won't stand still?  Try this app to take up to 800 pictures a minute!

  • Jump Desktop
    • $14.99. Available on Android, iOS and Mac. Remote desktop app that lets you securely connect to any computer in the world.

  • Notability
    • $.99. Availabke on iOS. "Powerfully integrates handwriting, PDF annotation, typing, recording, and organizing so you can take notes your way!"

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