Francine Dupont-Crocker: February 2010 Archives

As a next step to the highly successful Fall 2009 Emerging Tech Expo, the IT Council and SED are sponsoring a series of five 90-minute technology workshops scheduled over February, March, and April.

Different than a typical training session, each 90-minute "techshop" will be part exporation and part discussion as staff are engaged to consider ways in which a specific "emerging" technology might be used in their work.

The first of these TechShops will focus on UMConnect, a U of M supported technology that enables faculty, staff, and eligible graduate students to host on-demand Web presentations and to communicate and collaborate over the Web.

PLEASE NOTE:  This presentation will focus on UMConnect Meeting, a tool designed to facilitate synchronous webconferencing and meeting capture for playback, not UMConnect Presenter, a tool designed to publish a produced PowerPoint-type presentation.

Web Conferencing with UMConnect

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
3:00 pm-4:30 pm
Room S30B, Wilson Library 

Presented by:
Kirsten Clark, Government Publications Library

Faciliatated by:
Denise Gamble, Staff Education & Development

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Join us as we unearth innovative ways to apply and integrate technology into the fabric of the

Coffee and cookies will be available to sweeten our interests and our discussion.

Seating will be limited!