sueyras: November 2009 Archives

Presenters: Claudia Sueyras, "Archives & Special Collections and Digital Collections Unit"
Time: 11:00 am-1:30 pm
Location: Andersen 120B/C
Description: Pachyderm is an easy-to-use multimedia authoring tool. Designed for people with little multimedia experience, Pachyderm is accessed through a web browser and is as easy to use as filling out a web form. Authors upload their own media (images, audio clips, and short video segments) and place them into pre-designed templates, which can play video and audio, link to other templates, zoom in on images, and more. Once the templates have been completed and linked together, the presentation is published and can then be downloaded and placed on the author's website or on a CD or DVD ROM. Authors may also leave their presentations on the Pachyderm server and link directly to them there. The result is an attractive, interactive Flash-based multimedia presentation.

Handouts: Pachyderm_EmergingTechExpo2009.docx

Additional Resources:

The University of Minnesota has adopted Pachyderm as a multimedia authoring platform to be used statewide by faculty, students, and staff.
The Minnesota Digital Library is tasked with statewide training  at the k-12 level. For more information, go to: