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We asked attendees to tell us what they liked about the Tech Expo, here are some of the responses. For a recap of all the feedback, go to the full Tech Expo evaluation.

What did you enjoy most about the Emerging Tech Expo?

The fact that it was Libraries staff presenting to Libraries staff

Felt there was a great mixture of technologies we can implement now and technologies that we can think about and hopefully see in a few years.

Having the opportunity to learn more about things I had only heard about, in a totally non-threatening environment.  Nothing like a stupid question here!

The enthusiasm of both presenters and audience!

Sanctioned work time to investigate new technologies.

I liked the relaxed allowed simultaneously for exploration of the technologies but also good opportunities for networking and meeting with colleagues

Enjoyed it to see some cutting edge stuff like the Augmented Reality and some practical stuff we can use today like Google Wave and UMconnect

The chance to get "hands on" with technologies I've been curious about, such as eBook readers.

If you attended the Emerging Tech Expo last week, please complete the brief evaluation at

Your feedback will help us as we plan future emerging technology events.

Thank you!


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~The Emerging Tech Planning Committee

That's NOT All, Folks

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SED and the IT Council plan to sponsor Emerging Tech Expos in the future. We will need to keep scanning what is out there and either useful or potentially useful to keep in mind for those future events.

Some ideas we've discussed in the planning group and that I've had myself include:
  • Google Wave
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Turning Point Instant Response Tech (Clickers) and the idea of using mobile phones to be the individual clicker
  • Password Management Applications
What are other technologies - hardware - software, etc. that we should consider for future Expos? I'll create a thread for this topic on our discussion board.