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Google Apps Table FAQs

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Below are answers to some of the most popular questions we had at the Google Apps table during the TechExpo. We compiled questions in real time by using a form created in Google Docs!

Forms --> How to View Form Responses

How to create a Form:

How to access your U of M Gmail from your cell phone --> First, Change/Create your mobile password here:
Set or Change Your Google Desktop/Mobile Client Password

To get a Calendar Pop-Up reminder that will show up even if you are not viewing your calendar, try Google Desktop.
Download it here:

After you download it and install it, log in with your mobile/desktop password. Then add the Calendar gadget (click on the plus sign to add gadgets). Set your Calendar event reminders to Pop-Up. Google Desktop will give you a Pop-Up that shows on top of all open windows. It will not go away until you physically click on it.

How to create an e-mail list --> create a Contact Group in Contacts. Then, simply type in the Group name in the "To" field.

Thanks everybody for stopping by our table!
Andrew, Beth, Charlie, Scott

Google Apps Table

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Presenters: Janet Roseen, Andrew Palanhiuk, Beth Petsan, Charlie Heinz, and Scott Smith

Stop by and chat with us about your Google Apps questions. We'll have experts on hand with laptops, and what we haven't discovered already, we can discover together!

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