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View the overview video: on YouTube:
Wiki page: Wiki page: and User Guide:
  • Automatically creates a page for all courses with the "subjects" and course reserves with additional customization through courselib pages
  • Think of it like a new skin for Courselib pages
  • If you are working with a course--we can help you to create a page (don't have the be the "official" liaison)

2. Moodle


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  • Largest course management system on campus--Replacing WebVista as the CMS on campus
  • Students are increasingly familiar with it
  • Library Course Pages appear as a "block" in all Moodle courses
  • Anyone can request a Moodle site for instruction to organize content, give quizzes, forums, etc.
  • Examples:

3. ChimeIn (web-based student response system)


Access it at:
View the overview video:
  • Polls & surveys
  • Background probe
  • Misconception check
  • Word cloud (automatically generated for free response questions)

4. Clickers


Access it: (book via Aleph)
Getting the Software:  Installation CD with clickers
Online Training:
Examples in the Information Literacy Toolkit: (Google Your Own Adventure)
  • Determine order of class presentation (let the audience choose what you cover)
  • In class assessment of concepts -- test if your audience learned what you just covered.
  • Create quizzes in a game-style format

5.SMART Sync


Overview tutorial:
  • Broadcasting instructor's desktop - used during a demo to make sure all student's can see the screen clearly
  • Sending files- fused in the Formatting you Dissertation/ Thesis in Word 2009 class to send template Word documents to participants
  • Poll Yes/No -  ask if students were ready to move on yet
  • Announcements - letting students know when they had 1 minute left in an exercise
  • Chat- used this to brainstorm keywords on a particular topic

6.  Class Cature/Camtasia Relay


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Overview tutorial:
  • Use to record face-to-face session (records screen and voice) such as workshop or course integrated instruction. You can then embed these into Library Course Page or Moodle.
  • Use to make quick tutorials (little editing possible)
  • What equipment do I need? Generally need microphone
  • Uses MediaMill for storage (easy to send content to YouTube, get embed code, apple mobile devices, etc.)
  • Examples:
Presenters: Kate Petersen, Academic Programs - Coordinated Education Services
Time: 11:00 am-1:30 pm
Location: Andersen 120B/C

Description: Camtasia Relay allows you to easily record your face-to-face sessions.
Also allows you to create quick n' dirty recordings from your computer.


  • Easy to use
  • No cost (supported by University)
  • Records audio and computer screen (such as PowerPoint or demonstration),
  • Provides access to session 24/7 and allows users to go back over content.
  • Many output options (web link, iPod, iTunesU, embed code, etc.)

  • Very little editing capabilities
  • Can slow down demonstrations during live session.


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Presenters: Kirsten Clark, Government Publications Library

Time: 11:00 am-1:30 pm


Description: Use of UMConnect continues to grow in the Libraries.  UMConnect allows for people to connect over large distances and participate in group discussions from mulitple locations.  Learn about ways this software can be used for a variety of meeting and conference venues.


Additional Resources: