TExpo Fall 2011

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University Libraries Tech Expo Date: November 9, 2011
Time: 11:00-2:00
Location: Mississippi Room in Coffman Union
Presented by: IT Council Staff Education Subgroup

University Libraries Emerging Tech Expo 2011

Presentations, Room 303

11:00: ALMA
Chris Spalding, ExLibris
Craig Johnson, ExLibris

Alma, our next library management system, will support the entire suite of library operations--selection, acquisition, metadata management, digitization, and fulfillment--for all library materials.  Join us for a demonstration of Alma, presented by ExLibris staff, Chris Spalding and Craig Johnson.. They will be available to answer questions at the ALMA table from 12 to 2 in the Mississippi Room

12 noon: The Next Half Decade's Big IT Trends and What it Means for U
John Butler

This presentation will review industry's five leading IT trends for the next five years and what their impact might be for higher education, the University, and the Libraries.

1:00: It's Not Paranoia If Your Tech Really Is Out To Get You: Critical Thinking About New Technologies
Nancy Sims

How many of the files you created ten years ago can you still access? Did you know that you could go to prison for using a pseudonym on some social networking sites? New and emerging technologies are exciting, and can make serious positive changes in our lives - but many new technologies also come with an array of down-sides and less-awesome requirements. The choices we make when adopting new technologies can have profound impacts on our own lives and those of our patrons in arenas as wide ranging as simple usability and ownership of intellectual property to constitutional rights such as privacy and freedom expression. Let's think critically about some of these issues.

Tables in the Mississippi Room

15 Gigs and Counting... Organizing and Editing Your Digital Photos: Andrew Palahniuk
Alma: Betsy Friesen, and Chris Spalding, Craig Johnson from ExLibris
ArcGIS Map Layering: Ryan Mattke
Digital Library Services: UMedia Archive (Jason Roy) and Ojibwe People's Dictionary (Chad Fennell, Nora Livesay, John Nichols)
Discoverability 3: Christine DeZelar-Tiedman
eBooks: Cecilia Genereus, Julie Kelly, Lois Hendrickson, Laurel Haycock, Virginia Bach
Evernote and Mendeley: Jan Fransen, Jonathan Koffel
From Cameras to Copyboards: How to Capture Your Ideas: Kristen Mastel
Google Apps: Charlie Heinz
Media Mill and Kultura: Scott Spicer
Mind-Mapping Your Meeting Notes: Michael Berkowski
Photography: Jen Peters
Prezi: Wake up Your Tired PowerPoints: Kate Peterson
Primo Tips and Tricks: Naun Chew, Susan Gangl
QR Codes: Megan Kocher
SciVal Experts and Research Networks: Layne Johnson, Kate McCready
Screenflow and Camtasia: Jennifer Veile
Sharing Media and Images Online: Suzanne Garfield, Tatian Genrich, Susan McKinnell, Kathy Olson, and Christina Lopez, all from OIT
Shibboleth: Paul Bramscher, Shane Nackerud
Transforming Scholarship in the Humanities: Kate Brooks, Jennie Burroughs
Video Conferencing: Mike Sutliff
and, of course, the ever popular Gadgets Table and Petting Zoo

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

We will hold a prize drawing at 12:45 (you don't need to be present to win). You may win something fun or one of three iPod Shuffles--its just the luck of the draw. To be eligible to win, you must register for the Tech Expo by 5 p.m., Friday, November 4th

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