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Rebels in Congo seize gorilla park.

According to CNN, Congolese rebels captured a major military camp as well as a gorilla park in recent fighting in the country. The fighting comes a week after the U.N. brokered a cease-fire between rebels and government forces. The rebel forces, under renegade Gen. Laurent Nkunda, engaged Congolese forces in the eastern province of North Kivu. In addition to the army base, the rebels also seized the headquarters of Virunga National Park. The park is home to 200 of the 700 endangered mountain gorillas in existence.

The BBC reported that over 50 rangers had to flea the park’s headquarters and into the forest in fear of their lives. It was not the first time the rebels have infiltrate the park but it is the first time they have taken over its headquarters. Although the civil war in Congo officially ended in 2003, recent fighting in its eastern portion between rebels and government forces ahs displaced tens of thousands of civilians.