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8-year-old charged in murder case gets new plea.

Prosecutors have offered a plea deal to an 8-year-old boy who is charged with the murder of his father and another man in Eastern Arizona, ABC News reported Sunday.

County Attorney, Criss Candelaria, said that the plea would allow for the charges to be resolved in juvenile court, contingent on the results of a mental evaluation. The boy is facing two first-degree murder charges for the deaths of his father, 27-year-old Vincent Romero and 39-year-old Timothy Romans.

The Daily Press reported that the boy’s defense attorney said that the filing was an attempt by the prosecution to dismiss the charges so they could refile it when the boy was older and hear the case in adult court. Brewer said the new deal he has proposed would resolve the case without having it moved to adult court. The prosecutor said he was not trying to obtain an unfair advantage but indicated that the judicial system was not equipped to handle an 8-year-old charged with murder.