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Small city in Oregon elects first transgender mayor.

The small Oregon city of Silverton elected the nation’s first openly transgender mayor, Fox News reported Saturday.

The mayor elect is Stu Rasmussen, who has been a main stay in Silverton politics for over 20 years. Since his initial terms in office Rasmussen has gotten breast implants and began wearing dresses and high heals openly in public. Rasmussen’s campaign indicated that it skirted the issues of Rasmussen’s gender identity by focusing on the issues at hand.

“Stu never sought this recognition out,? reporter from JustOut, a publication for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community in Portland, told MSNBC. “ He’s interested in doing a great job for the community that he loves. The gender identity thing is a backseat thing.?

Rasmussen identified himself as a heterosexual male who simply appears to be a female. He has lived with his girlfriend, Victoria Sage, for 35 years.