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Taj hotel admits there were warnings prior to the terror attack.

Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata, whose company owns the Taj hotel, said that the hotel had increased security in response to warnings of a possible terror attack, CNN reported Sunday.

The Taj hotel, located in Mumbai, was one target of nine in a terror attack that killed 183 and injured several hundred. The attack ended with a standoff Saturday morning. Tata said that despite the hotel’s efforts, the increased security measures could not have prevented the attack. Tata indicated that the measures included personal searches, metal detectors, and increased surveillance. However, the security measures were eased earlier in the week prior to the attacks.

NBC reported that authorities did a room-by-room check of the hotel late Saturday to make sure that no gunmen or guests remained. Tata said that the gunmen did not come through the front entrance, which was equipped with metal detectors but came through a back entrance.