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Rioting escalates in Greece over death of 16-year-old

Anti-police rioting escalated in major cities across Greece on Sunday in response to the death of a teenager who was killed by police on Saturday, CNN reported. Most of the rioters were young self-styled anarchists. A police statement said the 16-year-old boy who was killed by was shot as he tried to throw a fuel filled bomb at police. Nonetheless, the police officer that fired the fatal shot has been charged with “manslaughter with intent.�

Police used tear gas in an attempt to abate the angry demonstrators but rioting continued well into late Sunday night. The U.S and British embassies both issued warnings to tourists and employees and discouraged them from visiting areas where rioting was occurring and downtown Athens in particular. ABC reported that demonstrators barricaded city streets in Athens and Thessaloniki and hurled petrol bombs as they conflicted with police sent to put an end to the rioting. The rioters, most of them young in age, also smashed storefronts and burned businesses.