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1. The City

As Andy Goldsworthy said, “time is a great teacher.?

In regards to a city, every day brings a new transformation. When imagining a city, some may commonly thinks of businesses, crowds, traffic, and noise; while many others think of leisure, recreation, and excitement. Whichever way the city is seen by a single person, it is constantly changing. New ideas flow in each day while old ones flow out. New employees are hired while others are fired. These occurrences help one understand the energy, flow and transformation of the city, which happens all around us every day.
As stated above, the energy of any city can be interpreted in many different ways. Everybody has their reasons for being in the city whether they go to feel successful, to play, worship, mourn, or to just see; there are countless possibilities. When I think of the city, or better yet, when I am in the city I feel as if I am engulfed in immeasurable possibility. Every sound, every sight, and every structure is there for a reason and it is my responsibility to recognize why. A recently released film demonstrates one of these aspects in full detail. In the movie August Rush there is a scene where a young boy imagines that he is conducting the music of the city as he walks along the streets and listens to all of the noises around him. This scene demonstrates the power that the sounds have on this boy and the energy he receives from hearing them.
The flow of a city is similar to that of energy in the way that it is ever changing. During the day the city can become a chaotic mess of cars all trying to be in different places at the same time. This obviously creates a situation that everyone is familiar with; traffic. The flow of a city is commonly measured by the number of stop lights that one must travel through before reaching their destination, or the number of accidents that should be avoided on the way. There are few that really acknowledge some of the simple details that contribute to their everyday experience of the city. These details that affect the flow of a city are different for everyone, but they too contribute to the experience.
The two aspects of energy and flow of a city combine to explain a city’s transformation. No two days are alike. Different people come for different reasons creating a type of unscripted scene that unfolds as the day progresses. I find this aspect of the city to be the most rewarding because, in a sense, you are not controlling what goes on in the city, the city is controlling you. Not only does the city transform from day to day, but your experiences while in the city contribute to your individual transformation. This is why some people love being in the city while others do not. A person that is willing to soak in this transformation, such as myself, has no problem coming back again and again for more. The city teaches as you spend time with it. It’s up to the individual to experience the city for what is has to offer.