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Student Job- On-Campus- Work-Study- Laboratory Assistant

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The Cancer Center is looking for a student to work part-time as a Laboratory Assistant. Work-study is required.

The job made up of:
Changing, washing, and disinfecting mouse cages
Sweeping, mopping, and maintaining overall cleanliness of mouse colony
Inspecting, feeding, and weighing laboratory mice
Assisting in experimental treatments of laboratory mice

Approximately 50%: RESEARCH DATA SUPPORT
Analyzing images of mouse tissue using Photoshop
Entering data and performing calculations using Excel
Backing up research data
Maintaining laboratory records
Other duties as assigned

Interest in working in a research laboratory setting. Ability to follow instructions and work independently. Keen attention to detail. Proficient at maintaining cleanliness. Working knowledge of standard computer applications including Microsoft Excel and Adobe Photoshop.

Preferred Requirements:
Experience working with animals, especially laboratory animals such as mice. Interest in and knowledge of basic biology. This student laboratory assistant position is in a cancer research lab; thus the employment experience gained is useful to students interested in medicine and other biological sciences.

To view the full job posting and apply, visit the link below

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