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YMCA- Looking for Freshman for Collegiate Achievers Program

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Y-CAP (Collegiate Achievers Program) is focused on retention support for FIRST YEAR, first generation, low income and/or students of color. It provides a solid community for those needing to have lasting connections to people and a place and is lead by U of M seniors who have their personal success stories to share. Students involved will have career development support, social/emotional support and opportunities for employment with the YMCA in the summer. It's INCREDIBLE -- a must for those students who will benefit from a small tight knit community -- a place to call home!

Opportunities available to you through Y-CAP include:
Internships, volunteer experiences and professional skills development
A small, supportive learning community
Leadership opportunities
An opportunity to give back to the community and support and inspire the next generation of college students
And much, much more! As a student-led program, we are only limited by our imaginations!

Please also note that although the focus is on the following experiential opportunities that there is an incredible progressive leadership model imbedded into the U-Y where students may begin as a volunteer their first year and evolve to volunteer-staff, coordinators and student board members by the time they are seniors.

To apply to this wonderful program, click here and to view more information, please visit the program site here.

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