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Volunteer- International Summer Camp

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Over 500 volunteers and 45 archaeologists from 30 countries and 6 continents were working together in Southern Europe from June 2010 to the beginning of October 2010. Prime minister visited them several times, ministers, ambassadors, artists, tens of thousands tourists. Volunteers were given the opportunity to take part in exciting new project and actually discover archaeological artifacts that will forever change mainstream view of human history. Of all places, they were working in tiny country of Bosnia.
Instead of war, violence, and negative vibrations, hundreds of volunteers experienced beautiful country, hospitability of locals and pristine archaeological sites. They became part of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids project with it's unique combination of science, culture and archaeological tourism.

Volunteers worked on access to the pyramid sites constructing the stairways

Volunteers were cleaning the fill up material from the labyrinth under the pyramids.

To became a part of this project in 2011, fill out the application at:

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