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Seeking nominations for the UMore Park Academic Mission Advisory Board

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The Office for UMore Park Academic Initiatives is pleased to invite nominations for new members to the UMore Park Academic Mission Advisory Board. The Academic Mission Advisory Board, established in November 2008, helps to identify mechanisms to integrate University research, education and public engagement into UMore Park planning and development. Importantly, academic initiatives make the University's vision for the creation of a community on the UMore Park property innovative and distinctive.

The Academic Mission Advisory Board is composed of University faculty members, undergraduate and graduate students, and staff members. The membership represents the range of interests and expertise across the colleges, coordinate campuses, interdisciplinary centers, and outreach and public engagement programs. Membership also reflects the University's commitment to diversity and multiculturalism.

The deadline for nominations of faculty, students and staff to serve on the Academic Mission Advisory Board is Monday, February 7, 2011. Submit nominations of others or yourself to Julie Bodurtha at Include the nominee's name, title, contact information and a brief resume or biographical sketch describing his or her academic focus, expertise and interest in supporting the integration of research, education and public engagement into UMore Park planning and development. Undergraduate and graduate student nominations should list the student's degree program, academic department and collegiate affiliation, and anticipated degree completion date.

The advisory board convenes approximately four times per year. Terms of service for board members are staggered so that approximately one third of the membership is appointed annually.

Thank you for further distributing this information on the call for nominations.

Information about the vision for UMore Park is at

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