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Fringe Festival & Links for Jobs Perfect for Students

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Fringe Festival 2011

Forget your camera and your put your phone on silent, prepare yourself for a week worth of unmoderated art and performance at the 2011 Fringe Festival! Never heard of it? Organizers state, "we believe everyone has the capability to make great art--and, more importantly, everyone should get their chance to try. Our job is to give our artists a welcoming, affordable option to produce their own shows...Minnesota Fringe is a forum for anyone with a story to tell."

Visit the Fringe Festival 2011 Volunteer! Volunteer alone or as a group (everything is better with friends, right?). Volunteers receive free tickets to events and a chance to win great prizes.

Part-Time Job Opportunities

Like kids? Or maybe young adults trying to get through mounds of homework? Studying to be a teacher, leader, student organizer? Register to find great babysitting and tutoring jobs in the Twin Cities area.

If pets and animals are more your thing, many families and busy professionals need help giving their pets all of the love and attention they deserve. Pet Care is a great way to put a cuddly pet in your life and get paid for doing so!

Do you know of student opportunities on-campus or in the Twin Cities? Let me know at

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