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On-Campus Internship, Off-Campus Fellowship & High Heel Dash

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The Internship: the one thing almost every professional and professor will recommend to you during your time here at the University. What's all the fuss about? "Internships," states Katharine Hansen, an educator and partner of Quintessential Careers, "are phenomenally important." In her article College Students: You Simply Must Do an Internship (Better Yet: Multiple Internships)! Hansen details 13 reasons why college students should complete one, if not more, internships before graduating:

1. Employers increasingly want to see experience in the new college grads they hire.
2. Employers increasingly see their internship programs as the best path for hiring entry-level candidates.
3. You may get paid more when you graduate if you've done one or more internships.
4. You could earn college credit toward your degree.
5. Internships enable you take your career plan for a test drive.
6. You'll gain valuable understanding of your major field and be better able to grasp how your coursework is preparing you to enter your chosen career.
7. You'll develop skills galore.
8. You'll gain confidence.
9. You'll build motivation and work habits.
10. You'll build your network.
11. You will build your resume.
12. Growing numbers of colleges require internships,
13. You might make money.

Below are some great websites for searching for student internships:
Find an Internship, volunteer work or part-time jobs in Minneapolis: click here.
Search "Internships" in "Minneapolis, MN", click here.
For a more customized internship search, click here.

On-Campus Internship and Off-Campus Fellowship

The GLBTA Programs Office is currently hiring Student Interns for 2011-12. Responsibilities of these fun, flexible positions include communications, outreach, clerical duties, and assistance with planning and delivery of programs, trainings and events. Must be a current U of MN student (work-study funds preferred), and be able to work 8-12 hours /week. A full position description can be downloaded on the homepage of the GLBTA Programs Office website, or a hard copy can be picked up from the office at 46 Appleby Hall. If interested, please send the following to Ross Neely by email at or mail/deliver to 46 Appleby Hall: cover letter expressing your interest in the office and position, current resume, and your fall semester 2011 work availability.

The Urban Youth Development Office (Urban 4-H) will be hosting Promise Fellows to work with various partners across the Twin Cities area. Fellows will work with Urban 4-H interns and volunteers, as well as school staff, to develop "projects through community," helping youth discover their interests and connect those interests to future possibility. To apply, complete an application and email/mail/fax a cover letter, resume, and contact information for three references by September 6, 2011 to: Kathryn Sharpe at

Although internships are important, so is having fun while raising awareness. Participating in events and activities that benefit not only yourself but the community as a whole; like the the 2nd Annual High Heel Dash, which is tonight! Men and women of all ages are welcome to compete in the 25-yard dash wearing a pair of high heels (heels must be a minimum of three inches) which will benefit two charities- Emergency Foodshelf Network (EFN) and Project Footsteps.

The High Heel Dash is at Peavy Plaza and will begin organizing teams around 4:00 pm. Races will begin at 6:00pm. Don't leave afterwards, because an after-party will be thrown for all that attend.

Do you have an internship or participating/hosting an event? Share your stories to and be featured as a Do What Matters Star!

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