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HECUA Class this Summer! Race in America

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Race in America, Then and Now: "Post-Racial" Perspectives on the Civil Rights Movement

This program explores the Civil Rights era's struggles as well as current movements for equality, and dares to ask questions about racial justice in America today. During the one-month program, students meet with civil rights activists who were active in the 1960s and those who are active now, and with lawyers, politicians, educators, and youth to learn about how America's present is inextricably linked to its past. Field experiences open up connections among issues related to education, incarceration, distribution of wealth, health care, housing, employment, and the environment. Students also delve into racial identity development theory, the philosophy of nonviolence, and how social movements function. By the end of the month, students have a profound understanding of the Civil Rights Movement--its motivations, strategies, successes and failures--and they have also developed ways to make meaningful contributions to their own communities. The program is based in Jackson, Mississippi, where students stay at Jackson State University, one of the U.S.'s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Mississippi typified the "Deep South" during the era of Jim Crow, and in many ways continues to be racially and politically divided. In and near Jackson and during trips to Alabama, Tennessee, and the Gulf Coast (including New Orleans), students also explore current issues related to health, education, culture, and community organizing.

Dates: June 4 - June 25
Credits: 6 credits
ID 3574
meets these LEs: Historical Perspectives core and Diversity and Social Justice theme
U of M resident credit
Cost: $2900
Financial Aid: may be OneStop
More info is available at
Contact an advisor at
Apply by April 15th.

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