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What is 60K Day?

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TODAY the U of M community will raise $60,000 in one day to sponsor a home in south Minneapolis. The event, 60K Day, will be a joint effort between the University community and Habitat for Humanity. 60K Day is already bringing together 59 student groups across campus, multiple U of M colleges - including CBS, CDes, CEHD, CFANS, CLA, CSE, CSOM, and the School of Nursing - and the leaders of the University. Even if you're not in a participating student group, you can still make a difference on April 12 by donating online or in person. Check out for more information and a list of participating groups.

The main point: 60K Day is a one-day fundraiser to raise $60,000 to sponsor a University of Minnesota Habitat home. BUT it is also the opportunity to make new friends, build relationships, and unite the UMN community, as well as the opportunity to support a family in need and show that we care.

Who does it benefit?
Meet Kadra Musse and Noor Ahmed. They were forced to flee their home in Somalia as a result of a violent civil war. The couple is doing their best to raise their three teenage sons and twin four-year-old daughters, but a substandard living situation hasn't made things easy. Both Noor and Kadra work full time, and after seven years and three application attempts, they have finally been accepted to be a Habitat family! Your donation will be used to help build their home in South Minneapolis.

How can I get involved?
There are plenty of ways to help make a difference! Online donations will be accepted from midnight Thursday morning until midnight Friday morning. Anytime during the big day (TODAY! Thursday, April 12), visit and make a donation to any of our participating groups. If you haven't noticed already, there is also a huge carnival out on Coffman Lawn from 10am-3pm, where you can come hang out and donate in person! There are also donation boxes set up across campus. If you donate, you'll receive an "I donated" sticker,which will get you some great discounts, such as 25% off Bookstore apparel (valid April 12 only), and Buy One Get One Free blizzards from Dairy Queen!

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