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Have you noticed the change?!

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Do What Matters has started its journey to becoming EngageUMN! Do What Matters has officially taken on a new name but will still be serving the same awesome role it has in the past: bringing diverse, local and amazing opportunities to get involved on and off-campus to folks at the U of M! (Look for Twitter handle and Blog name to change in the next coming days as well!)

Knowing that changing Do What Matters over to EngageUMN may be a little shocking or confusing at first, we have put together a list of some questions and answers you might have regarding this name change. We are excited about our adventure to become EngageUMN and hope you are too! Please let us in the Office for Student Engagement know if you have any questions or comments as we continue to go through this change.


Why is Do What Matters changing?
Do What Matters is evolving! EngageUMN helps encompass all areas of student engagement that OSE operates, including Strengths, Student Employee Leadership Program (SELP), and Link-UP (a student mentoring program). In becoming EngageUMN, OSE can better serve students as a whole instead of individualized programs, like Do What Matters. Instead, we are coming together to better serve you (students, staff, community) and how getting active (in and outside of academics) enhances the collegic experience and beyond!

Who is this going to impact?
Students, Staff, Faculty, Community Partners...Everyone! But in a positive way! The tools and resources that are a part of the Office for Student Engagement will become more accessible and aligned with one another and will have consistent name recognition that is easy to remember. We will be a more unified resource ready to give information, assistance and guidance to undergraduates seeking ways to be involved on and off-campus.

What is going to happen?
Do What Matters is going to switch to EngageUMN. Easy as that! Look to the launch of a new website, feel and design of the social media pages, the blog and your interaction with engagement information.

When is it going to happen?
Between now and the middle of August we will be migrating our Facebook page, blog and Twitter account names over to the EngageUMN name; we will keep you posted as changes continue to occur.

Where can I find more information about the name change?
Here on the blog! Periodic posts will give updates on what we in OSE are working on for the transition and what you can look forward to! Or you can email for specific questions and concerns.

Will I still be able to get information on Facebook and Twitter?
Of course you will! Although the name "Do What Matters" is changing, EngageUMN will provide the same great ideas, information and resources for you to find experiences that will help shape and enhance your college experience.

How is this going to make things better?
We are going with the keep it simple philosophy by having our resources named in a way that is easy to remember, creates a common bridge across all of the resources, and helps to reinforce the ultimate goal of the Office for Student Engagement (to get more students actively engaged in meaningful experiences on and off-campus that complement their classroom experiences).

What will all of the new names be so I can find them?
Facebook: Do What Matters - University of Minnesota → EngageUMN
Twitter: @do_what_matters → @EngageUMN
Blog: Do What Matters → EngageUMN (Blog of the Office for Student Engagement)

Hopefully this answers some of the pressing questions? If not, feel free to contact any time to voice any feedback, questions or "this is AWESOME!" comments.

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