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Getting ready for "EngageUMN"! Our name has changed!

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Check it out! All of the social media names are the same now!

Facebook: EngageUMN
Twitter: @EngageUMN
Blog: EngageUMN (Blog of the Office for Student Engagement)

What have you thought so far about the new name? Do you think it is a better representation of what we are trying to do for you? Let us know what you think! Or do you not know what I'm talking about? Check out this blog post.

With EngageUMN taking over on Facebook and Twitter, the EngageUMN blog is the next part of our transition: we are moving over to a WordPress format! Not only will WordPress allow for a more layout that's more pleasing to the eyes, but a more user friendly one too! (For the content writer and the reader!)

Right now, here is what we are working on:
- Migrating all of the old posts on this blog to WordPress.
- Creating an easier way for you as readers to access posts (new and old) and to find the information you are seeking.
- Finding people to connect with on WordPress to give you more information on engagement as a whole, and finding more opportunities to get involved.

Do you follow a blog that you think we should too? Do you have suggestions about what you would like to see the blog offer? Share your idea with us! (

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