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Blog Moved to WordPress!

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EngageUMN is now up & running!


are all cohesively tied together, as part of the Office for Student Engagement!

A big part of this process has been THIS BLOG! The EngageUMN blog used to be hosted through the UMN Library system, called UThink, which uses a MoveableType system. (If you're interested, visit the UThink website to learn more). But as much as we love the UMN Library, we decided to move the blog to WordPress which provides a really user friendly layout that is pleasing to the eyes and easy to navigate for you and for us!

So far, here is what we have done with the WordPress format:
- Migrated all of the old posts from UThink to WordPress.
- Created an easier way for you as readers to access posts (new and old) and to find the information you are seeking.
- Use WordPress' extensive collection of users to help you connect to people through other WordPress Blogs. This allows you to have, find and discover more information on engagement as a whole, as well as more opportunities to get involved in!

So, go check out the Blog!!! Do you have suggestions about what you would like to see the blog offer? Or how do you feel about this layout, design, etc? Share your idea(s) with us! (

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