August 1, 2004

To Dereck:

I'd like to make a comment on your second presentation!
your peresentation on wednsday was nicely oriented. It was pretty well done. there was a harmony throughout your speech that made your topic more interesting--Sohaila

Posted by rahi0004 at 1:52 PM

Hi class!!

I noticed that I 've not blogged for more than a week. I believe I do have a solid excuse. Well I had to go to New York on a family emergency. My father in law health condition made us stay out of town for almost a week. Therefore, I am somehow behind in everything I was scheduled for. I dont like to complain, so I think as far as everybody being healthy and happy, a simple peace of mind makes everything works to its best. As anybody else I am very busy organizing my final report. Good luck on yours.--Sohaila

Posted by rahi0004 at 1:43 PM