October 9, 2008

Wrap up

My favorite item from this class was the Wiki information. I would like to use these to replace the portals we currently use.
I don't know that this program has effected my work, yet. I plan to start using chat with a small group. I also plan to investigate Wiki's more to get that started. I believe these items will improve my efficiencies.
The photo session was interesting for me on a personal note. I would like to use Flickr at home and have some organization to my photos.
I can't really offer any suggestions to doing this class differently. I thought it was done very well. I like having one session per week. You were very thorough and gave great examples.
Yes I would try to participate in another enrichment class similar to this one.

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Web conferencing

I've set up several UMConnect meetings for educators and assisted with the technical side of their presentations including uplaoding presentations, sharing screens, we've incorporated webcams. We use a separate phone conference for the audio.

One tip I received from a co-worker is how to upload a still photo into a new pod. This is sometimes more effective than using a webcam.


Wow, Twitter is a lot of information - it's kind of an overload!
I did create a UMChat account last spring but have not used it much - I rely too heavily on email. I would like to start using UMChat more with a small group of Extension staff. We currently send a lot of emails that could be handled with chat - just quick messages requesting someone to check the status of something, then a reply, then a thank you. This could save me some time in cleaning up my email files!

October 8, 2008


I've been invited to view a few MySpace sites but have not spent much time reviewing them. The more we look at additional tools, the more confused I become - when & what purposes should blogs be used, versus wikis, versus networking?
I do see the networking applications as a good vehicle for sharing information, but so are wikis.

Google docs

I could see these online applications would be useful when working with collaboration teams from various organizations. For my personal use, I still prefer the MS Office applications.
I do use Netfiles to share large files or a large list of files with other Extension staff. It is much more efficient than sending the files through email. It also ensures the most recent version is available to those you are sharing the information with.


I love the Wiki's! I see these as a great collaboration tool. They make portal pages seem obsolete! I have a few portal pages that I maintain and would like to see them moved to a wiki application instead as they seem to have much more cpabilities.


I added a podcast to my Yahoo feeds. Podcasts aren't really something I see myself using or referring to frequently.


I have uploaded photos to a Wal-Mart account for printing purposes. I've never used it for sharing photos. I like the Flickr site - particularly where guests can add comments to your photos. I could see using it for making cards.

RSS Feeds

I struggled with this topic. I tried using Bloglines but found it extrmely slow. So I used my Yahoo acount and added a few feeds there. There were a couple sites that I wanted to add feeds for but they did not have the option.

August 4, 2008


This is my first blog and I have no idea what I'm doing.
I'm excited to learn these new tools available and appreciate this opportunity.
Thanks Amy!