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Hi everyone,

I took some time to see if I could create a blog page for our group to use in our discussions. Jaimie, I copied and pasted your email as our first entry. Please let me know if this is working and if you have any concerns. I'm not an expert but I think we can work through any issues we may have.


Dear Group

Let's begin by listing possible areas of emphasis, focusing more later. This
is an incomplete list, so please add--

Ken Robinson's 2006 TED Talk
+ universities' subject hierarchy is mimicked throughout secondary and
elementary education
+ schools educate kids out of their creativity (i'd like to tie effort-based
assessment into this and the Gillian Lynne story)
+ calls for a new ecology of diversified human talent

Ken Robinson's 2010 TED Talk
+ he identifies 2 types of people: those who are aware of and make use of
their own talents + those who are either unaware of their talents or are
aware but do not make use of them ("education dislocates many people from
their natural talents")
+ shift model from linear-conformist-industrial TO

More soon!


ps // please use my gmail address (from which i'm writing) rather than the
umn address i said yesterday, thank you

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