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Job Market Faculty Roundtable

Plan to attend the "Faculty Roundtable on the Job Market" Wednesday, Oct. 29 at 4 pm in 207A Lind. Four dynamic faculty members advise about interviewing, applying, and more. Whether you're on the job market this year or not, you are welcome to come ask questions and benefit from faculty experience. Refreshments!

Did you miss this Thursday's Conversation?

If you missed this Thursday's Conversation with professionals from the Journalism/Publication/Editing field you missed a lot! Students met with four presenters that explained how one makes money in the market, how one gets started writing and what it takes to be a professional writer.

If you are interested in further information about the meeting, such as presenters and information provided at the meeting please contact Josh Capodarco capod001@umn.edu. Also, if you are looking for an internship or work in the journalism field e-mail Josh for more information!

Thanks to all of our presenters that helped make another Thursday Conversation possible!

Haven't seen what you'd like yet? Check out all of the upcoming Thursday Conversations located at the English Undergraduate website.

Treuer part of "thriving intelligentsia"

An entertaining aside in the New York Times Style magazine "Fall Travel" edition cites Professor David Treuer along with FlatPak house architect Charles Lazor as evidence of the Twin Cities' healthy intellectual climate. The article, about up-and-coming second tier cities, names Minneapolis-St. Paul the "new New York."

FUSE, Fellowship of Undergraduate Students in English

Are you a part of FUSE yet? Did you miss the first meetings but are still interested? Then don't hesitate to check out a meeting of FUSE and find out ways that you can get involved with exciting Literary events going on through out the community.

The first Literary event that FUSE will be attending will be Voices Merging on Monday Oct. 13 at 8:00. FUSE will be meeting at the Fireside Lounge on the 1st floor of Coffman at 7:30, and then everyone will head over to 2-650 Moos Tower.

FUSE has also tapped into the vibrant creative writers through out campus. Work shopping and discussing readings suggested by fellow members from other slightly more famous authors is the order of the day at FUSE meetings held every Wednesday 3:30-5:30 in Coffman Memorial Union. Meetings are held either in Room 301 or Room 302 so make sure that you e-mail Stephen, cour0096@umn.edu, or Larisa, gars0020@umn.edu, before you head out to the meeting. Also, if you would like to be a part of the weekly FUSE e-mail, please let either Stephen or Larisa know via e-mail. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there

Did you miss this week's Thursday Conversation?

Don't worry! In case you were unable to attend, here is what happened:

Members of Ivory Tower and Voices Merging met with interested students and talked about what they do, how they do it and how students can get involved.

What is Ivory Tower? The Ivory Tower is the U of M's Literary magazine produced for and by Undergraduates. They release yearly print and e-publications. Ivory Tower is currently looking for poetry, fiction, non-fiction and art submissions for their new publication! Check out their website to see last year's publication and learn how to submit: http://www.ivorytower.umn.edu

What is Voices Merging? Voices Merging is a student based artist coalition. All forms of performance and visual art are welcome including: spoken word, poetry, dance, song, musical instrument, visual art, etc. They have open mics every second and forth Monday of each month in Moos Tower, room 2-650. Open mics are from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. but performance sign up starts at 7:30 p.m. For more information contact oncevoice@umn.edu

If you're interested in learning moreplease contact Josh Capodarco (capod001@umn.edu)

Thanks to Ivory Tower and Voices Merging for making another Thursday Conversation possible!

MFA Cry of the Loon Retreat

Photo of MFA StudentsEvery year English professor and Creative Writing Program core faculty member Michael Dennis Browne lends his cabin compound in the north woods to MFA graduate students in creative writing. The 2008 "Cry of the Loon Retreat," which took place in late September, is documented in photos by MFA candidate Molly Sutton Kiefer.

October's Engaged English Scholar of the Month

Congratulations to Larisa G. for being recognized as October's Engaged English Scholar of the Month. Thank you Larisa for your commitment to excellence!

Larisa is a senior Honors English major and French Major. She has been involved with student organizations and community work. Along with her work outside the classroom, Larisa dedicates her time to helping other Undergraduates as one of the Undergraduate Studies office’s Peer Advisors. Larisa is a dedicated student who is currently working on her Suma Cum Laude Thesis.

What does Larisa have to say about getting involved?

"My education has been broadened, strengthened and challenged by my work outside of the classroom. During my work as an ELL teaching assistant at Cedar Riverside, I was forced to consider the value of an English education. It is so important to work both within and outside the walls of academia so that you learn to understand real-world complexities of many different kinds of existence."

What suggestions does she have for students interested in getting involved?

"Students that are interested in getting involved should try to find their niche. Read the English listserv and go to some off campus events that will augment both your academic career and your personal growth. Also, check out some of Eric Daigre’s classes. I got started at Cedar Riverside because of Eric’s 3741 Literacy and American Cultural Diversity course and it was an awesome experience!"

Larisa's picture is on display in Lind Hall 227, the Undergraduate Studies advising office. Please stop by and take a look! Are you interested in getting nominated as the Engaged English Scholar of the Month? If you feel you have what it takes talk to one of your professors and suggest your name for nomination. If you're nominated you'll be recognized with a fun prize!

Thank you Larisa for bringing excellence to the Undergraduate Studies program!

Questions? Please contact Josh Capodarco (capod001@umn.edu).

Sean O’Faolain Prize Runner-up

MFA candidate Benjamin Arda Doty was shortlisted for Ireland’s Sean O’Faolain Short Story Prize. The winner is Julia Van Middlesworth. Doty was one of nine runners-up, chosen from over 700 entries. Doty's fiction and poetry have appeared in a number of literary journals. He spoke with Pike Magazine about being recognized for his work in Ireland.

eNow! at Twin Cities Book Festival

eNow! co-sponsors a rare appearance by poet, essayist, and translator Nathaniel Tarn at the Twin Cities Book Festival 11:30 am Saturday October 11, 2008. A respected anthropologist as well as a writer, the poet weaves "mythology and philosophy, nature and science, and anguish and love into a moving exploration of what it means to be human." Free and open to the public.

Need Help Thinking about Yourself?

The English Undergraduate Office can help you write your personal statement for application to Graduate and Professional school. On October 9th in 207A Lind Hall 1pm-2:15pm, we will have faculty and graduate students available to answer all of your questions and to offer useful tips! We hope to see you there on Oct. 9th so mark your calendars and bring your questions!

Can't make it to the meeting? Have questions or concerns about the meeting, advising, etc? E-mail Stephen or Larisa at cour0096@umn.edu and gars0020@umn.edu respectively.

Thursday Conversations

Every Thursday come grab some free refreshments and talk to Undergraduate students, Graduate students and Alumni that have been involved in the English Department at the University of Minnesota. Waltz in, grab a chair and start asking questions. The sessions are free to all interested English Majors and Minors. All sessions are open between Noon and 2:00 p.m. You are free to come and go as you please. All sessions will be held in the English Undergraduate Study Lounge located in the back of the English Office in Lind Hall 227. See below for Dates:

October 9
– Come meet some English Undergraduates involved in Student groups at the U: Members of the following student groups will be present: Voices Merging, Ivory Tower and the Arts Quarter Club.

October 16 – Come meet some English Department Alumni currently working in the Editing/Journalism field.

October 23 – Come meet some English Majors and Minors involved in community work. Hang out and ask them how they got involved, what they are doing now and how community involvement has changed their life and their education.

October 30 – Come meet some English Undergraduates involved in Student groups at the U: Members of the following student groups will be present: The Minnesota Daily, The College of Liberal Arts Student Board and PRISM.

November 6 – Come meet some Undergraduate students, Graduate Students and Professors that have been involved or worked with study abroad. Meet students returning from spending time abroad alongside members of the Learning Abroad Center.

November 13
– Come meet some radical professors at the U. These professors, from a variety of fields will be there to discuss their research, their outreach and how they are trying to transform the world through education. Professors TBA

November 20 – Come meet some graduate students currently involved in the U of M’s Master of Fine Arts Graduate program. Grab some coffee, bring your favorite book or poetry and see what it’s like to continue your education as an MFA student. Directly following the session there will be an info session for the MFA in Lind Hall so feel free to skip on over to Lind 207A.

December 4 – Don’t know who we are? Come meet the staff of the Undergraduate English Office. Stop by, grab some coffee and ask us what we do! (we work for you, right?)

Still want to find out about UROP?

Did you miss the September 24th meeting on UROP but still want to find out more? Just stop by the Undergraduate office in Lind 227 and ask for Larisa. She can fill you in on what you missed and suggest two different English major student contacts who are happy to speak with prospective UROP students about their experiences as English majors with UROP. You can also e-mail Larisa with your questions at gars0020@umn.edu!

Remember, the deadline for UROP submission proposals is October 6th. Students who are awarded UROP grants during this semester will conduct their research during Spring Semester 2009. The application deadline for UROP submission proposals for Spring Semester 2009 with research to be conducted in Summer 2009 or Fall 2009 is March 2, 2009. It's never too early to start planning to apply for UROP!


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