Did you miss the Study Abroad Information Fair?

On Thursday, February 26th, Students met with Study Abroad Alumni, Professors and Learning Abroad Center staff to learn more about the Study Abroad Process. In case you missed this event here is a run down of information you'll need to know.

If you're interested in Study Abroad you'll want to visit the Learning Abroad Center to learn more about where, when and how you can go!

If you are unsure where you want to go, and you may be scared about going for a full semester, you might be interested in a Global Seminar. Global seminars are 3 week long programs that introduce you to an geographic area, its culture and its language. Just a few examples include:

Global Seminar in Montpellier France (no previous experience in French required!)
Global Seminar in Grenada Spain (no previous experience in Spanish required!)
Global Seminar in New Zealand
Global Seminar in Dubai
Global Seminar in China

Also, you can prepare for a short trip through SPAN. SPAN helps you to design research abroad!

Also, here is what a few students have to say about studying abroad:

Allie R. "Learn as much about the program and the city you want to go to. That way you can make the most of it!"

Atoni T. "The year I spent abroad was the best experience of my life, the best year of my life."

Jeff. B. "The time I spent abroad was the best time of my life! I got to see amazing sights, travel to Ireland and France, and absorb new cultures all while earning course credit!"

Sam O. "My time abroad was life changing and enormously fulfilling. The relationships I developed and the experiences I had will be with me forever."

If you still have more questions about how you can study abroad, you can always visit your academic adviser!


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