Did you miss the UROP info. panel for English majors?

If you were unable to attend the UROP meeting last Thursday, then you missed some amazing presenters (Thanks again!) and some fabulous Pizza Luce (Support local businesses!). Unfortunatly, we cannot recap the Pizza Luce experience. However, we can fill you in on some of the important details that you missed!

The submission deadline for UROP proposals is Monday, March 2, 2009. A great source for information, as well as the application, is available on the UROP website: http://www.urop.umn.edu/. Rebecca Rassier, the CLA UROP coordinator, who spoke at the panel, is a great resource for answers to questions and help along the path towards the application process. She can be contacted at rassi003@tc.umn.edu.

Dr. Donald Ross, who has worked with several English students in the past on UROPs and is in the process of working with another student on a UROP currently, spoke about how to approach professors as potential faculty advisors. Before you submit your UROP proposal, you have to have a faculty advisor that approves your proposal and has agreed to work with you. Dr. Ross cautioned against being afraid of cold-calling professors. It is all right to approach a professor about working with you on a UROP that you have never had a course with as long as the topic that you want to explore directly coincides with the professors own personal research – the more recent the better. Dr. Ross suggested checking the English faculty page (or the faculty page of any humanities professor) to see if their research compliments the work that you want to do in your UROP proposal. It may also be a good idea to have written your three-page topic proposal before you meet with your potential faculty, so that they have something concrete to approve. It is advisable to do a UROP on a topic matter that you have studied in at least one previous course. This will greatly strengthen your UROP application.

Sara Cohen, Josh C, and Adam Schrag spoke about the opportunities available through the Voices from the Gaps website, which is currently being remodeled. It’s an exciting time to get involved with VG, which specializes in researching the often underrepresented multicultural feminine voices of the 21st century. If this sounds exciting to you, contact Sara Cohen cohen224@umn.edu, Josh C capod001@umn.edu, or Adam Schrag atschrag@umn.edu for more information.

Direct general questions to Larisa G. gars0020@umn.edu


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