January/February's Engaged English Scholar of the Month is:

Samone !!! Thank you to Samone D. for your commitment to excellence! Samone is majoring in English and Communication Studies. She has been actively involved in several student groups and organizations such as [Shades of Red] HIV/AIDS Awareness Week, Orientation and First-Year Programs, and the Queer Student Cultural Center. She had also been a Community Engagement Scholar for almost three years, volunteering at the Minnesota Internship Center.

Here is what Samone said about getting involved:

• Why is it important to you to get involved?

I don’t think our education should exist in a vacuum. If you want to work for and with others to “make the world a better place,” there are plenty of opportunities for that right here in the Twin Cities.

• How has getting involved changed your education?

As a university student, it was easy to get wrapped up in academic achievement or my ability to get employed after college, but the volunteer work I’ve done gives me a “reality check” and helps me question the material I learn in the classroom.

• Has getting involved changed your career path?

I didn’t become an English major because I wanted to teach, but I’ve come to realize that I may only be happy if I work in an educational environment. Working on scholarships, housing, and college applications with students can be difficult work but I really enjoy doing it, so my future plan is to become a school counselor.

• What suggestions do you have for other students that are interested in getting involved?

I would recommend anyone who would like to make volunteering part of their college career to take a service-learning class and/or become a Community Engagement Scholar. You can reflect on experiences, brainstorm with other volunteers, and make friends. Who doesn’t like that?

Do you think you have what it takes to be nominated for the Engaged English Scholar of the month? Contact one of your professions and ask them to nominate you. If you don't have a close relationship with a professor you can nominate yourself by sending an e-mail outlining your credentials to Josh C. at capod001@umn.ed. We encourage you to go out volunteer, attend student groups and more!


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