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March's Engage English Scholar of the Month is...

Warda G.!!! Warda is a junior double-majoring in English and African American and African Studies. She has been involved in community work through Jane Addams School for Democracy and Bryant Coyle Center. Warda has also been and active participant in the Al-Madina Cultural Center. Thank you Warda for your commitment to excellence and we hope that you continue your studies and community engagement!

Here is what she has to say about getting involved:

• Why is it important to you to get involved?

It is a great way to discover myself. Getting involved in the Twin Cities area has helped me see the diversity of this community and how I can both learn from it and contribute to it.

• How has getting involved changed your education?

Getting involved has broadened my frame of reference. Being a participant at Jane Addams School has changed what I thought of learning and teaching. The cross-cultural discussions and the diverse participant I have met there have influenced my decision to major in English literature and African Studies. I am also planning to study abroad in Kenya Fall 2009 and hopefully that experience will be useful in shaping my senior thesis as well as relating what I have learned here in the US to that part of the world where I come from.

• Has getting involved changed your career path?

Yes. When I transferred to the University of MN I was registered as Political Science major, during orientation I was with a group of CLA-English majors and I spent my first year taking Biology, Society and Environment major requirements and I did not know exactly what I would do with any of this! Working with Jane Addams School for Democracy and Brian Coyle Center has helped me understand my potential and set attainable goals. I still have not decided on exactly what I want to be, but being involved has helped me see what that could look like. I am hoping my experience in Kenya next fall will continue to influence my interests and lead to fulfilling career.

• What suggestions do you have for other students that are interested in getting involved?

Community Engagement Scholars Program (CESP) is a great program that helps you make the most out of volunteering. Talk to your professors or professors from your major, it’s a great way to find out major related areas that you can get involved in.

Thank you again Warda! Do you think you have what it takes to be next Month's Engaged English Scholar of the Month? Talk to one of your English professors and ask them to nominate you for this recognition. Also, you can contact Josh Capodarco (capod001@umn.edu) if you feel that you should be nominated but you can't find a professor. We look forward to hearing from all of you doing great community work.