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Graduate Research Partnership Fellows

The Graduate Research Partnership Program Fellowships this year go to: Sara Cohen for "Watching While Looking Away" (Project adviser: Jani Scandura); Molly Kelley Gage for "Sorting Scraps: The Archive and the Future of Democracy" (Paula Rabinowitz); Eun Joo Kim for "Modern Structural Shifts and Postmodern Concerns: Reading the Korean Language in Theresa Hak Kyung Cha's Dictee" (Jigna Desai); Joshua Mabie for "'Finding the Place': T.S. Eliot's Search for Dwelling in the English Landscape" (Edward Griffin); Edward McPherson for "America, 1899: A Novella" (Charles Baxter); Joshua Morsell for "Threats, Bombs, and Frame-Ups: The Dirty History of the Timber Wars" (Dan Philippon); Kevin Riordan for "Noh Archives and the Global Repertoire" (Josephine Lee); Maurits Van Bever Donker for "Writing the subject after Apartheid, or learning to 'learn to live'" (Quadri Ismail); and Jewon Woo for "'Feel Right': Creating the Culture of Critical Sympathy and the Amistad in 1839" (John Wright)