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The Department is pleased to present the first in our 2009-10 eNow!
series on public engagement NEXT MONDAY OCT 5 at 2:30 pm in Lind Hall 207A.

The Publicly Engaged Classroom: Service Learning & Beyond!
English professors Josephine Lee and Ellen Messer-Davidow, PhD alumnus
Mitch Ogden, and long-time English service learning instructor Eric
Daigre (PhD 2001) will discuss and provide models for courses
incorporating service learning components, publicly engaged scholarship,
and other classroom engagement possibilities.

Professor Lee has included service learning components in drama and
Asian American Studies classes. Professor Messer-Davidow has taught such
publicly engaged classes as GWSS 4502/ENGL 4090 Women and Public Policy
and ENGL 1907W Social Texts (to read her syllabi in advance, email Daigre has taught ENGL 3505/06 Community Learning
Internships since the course was conceived by Daigre and former
professor Tom Augst, as well as ENGL 3741 Literacy and American Cultural
Diversity. Ogden incorporated a service learning component in his
Introduction to Shakespeare course, as a graduate student here.

Join us for chocolates, a glass of wine, and a lively discussion!

eNOW: The Department of English Discusses Public Engagement

join the English Department for various discussions and presentations on Public Engagement and Service- Learning. The following link will bring you to dates and times for these events:


Monday, Sept. 28 9-10am 207a Lind Hall
With Bagels, Fruit and Juice!

Want to research something you love? Want to create a curriculum for your future teaching career? Want to study more in depth something you've learned in class? AND would you like to get paid $10/hour for it?
The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is your chance to work with a faculty mentor on a creative activity or research project with financial support from the University of Minnesota. UROP Students receive stipends of up to $1400 and expenses of up to $300. UROP is available to ALL students in ALL colleges. Come to Lind 207a to hear from past English UROP Students and Professors. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Thousands of students and faculty across the University have already discovered the benefits of these hands-on research opportunities in laboratories, studios, libraries, and field sites. Participating students have developed detailed knowledge of research methods while their faculty sponsors have gained the assistance of enthusiastic and capable students.

To find out more about undergraduate research and the UROP program, visit Application materials for UROP are available on the web at The application deadline for Spring 2010 projects is October 5. If you have questions about UROP, please contact Rebecca Rassier at

UROP ALUMNI!! Have you participated in a UROP project that pertained to your English major? If so please send a short description of your project that details your experience in order to help fellow English majors with their literary research and endeavors. Please send information regarding your UROP project to Emily Claypool,

Welcome, International Exchange Students!

Please Welcome International Exchange Students in English studies for 2009-2010: Xu C. (China), Hyoeun C. (Korea), Jeongwon L. (Korea), Maria F. (Austria), Joo Yun L. (Korea), Manuela N. (Austria), Silvio G. (France), and Morgane D. (Belgium). Some are here for fall semester only, others for the full academic year. They are taking a variety of courses in literature, American Studies, ESL, writing, business, and other subjects.

Welcome back!

The Undergraduate Studies Office in the Department of English would like to welcome three new student staff members to its office for the 09-10 Academic Year.

Both Raven H. and Moira P. are working as peer advisors. They are excited and eager to work with our staff and with students! Stop by Lind Hall 227 to meet Raven and Moira and ask them any questions you have about the Department or yours courses.

We would also like to welcome Emily C. as our Research Assistant!

We are thankful to have such great students working with us this semester. Remember to stop by Lind Hall 227 anytime to schedule an advising appointment or just talk with our students and staff.


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