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Graduate Student Awards

Congratulations to the following award recipients: Graduate School Best Dissertation Award in the Arts and Humanities: Elizabeth Weixel (PhD 2009), Assistant Professor of English, Western Kentucky University, "The Forest and Social Change in Early Modern English Literature, 1590-1700" (Adviser John Watkins). Graduate School Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships: Nicholas Hengen, "Texts as Tactics: A Literary Critical Politics" (Adviser Tim Brennan); Lucia Pawlowski, "High Theory, the Teaching of Writing, and the Crisis of the University" (Adviser Geoff Sirc); Lisa Trochman, "Fatal Femmes: Noir Anxiety and the Woman Criminal" (Adviser Paula Rabinowitz); Adam Schrag, "Surface to Surface: War, Image and the Senses in the Screenic Era" (Adviser Paula Rabinowitz). Graduate Research Partnership Program: Emily Anderson, "Monsters Without Voices: The Creation and Uses of Fear in Silent Horror Film" (Sponsor Lois Cucullu); Lelaine Bonine, "For the Love of Film: In Search of Hitchcock on the Secular Pilgrimage" (Sponsor Jani Scandura); Jonah Charney-Sirott, "Order of Call: Stories of Conscription" (Sponsor Julie Schumacher); Nicholas Hengen, "Weapons in the War: The U.S. Military's Literary Regime During World War II" (Sponsor Paula Rabinowitz); David Malley, "The Devil's Own: A Ballad for Albert Hicks" (Sponsor David Treuer); Eunha Na, "Ritual in Contemporary Theater: A Global Perspective on African American and Korean Theatres" (Sponsor Josephine Lee). Samuel Holt Monk Prize for Published Scholarship: Chris Kamerbeek, "Appearing Acts: Celebrity, Biography and Henry James's Ghosts of the 1890s." The Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association, 42:2 (2009). Philanthropic Education Organization (PEO) Award: Molly Kiefer Gage, "Sorting Scraps: The Archive and the Future of Democracy" (Adviser Paula Rabinowitz). Jay and Rose Phillips Fellowship: Davu Seru. Ruth Drake Dissertation Fellowship: Ryan Cox, "Premonition of a Future Line We Will Be Writing: Politics, Language, and Identity in English Canadian Experimental Poetry" (Adviser Paula Rabinowitz).