Doctoral Candidate Internal Awards

The following PhD candidates in English were the recipients of University and department awards: Erik Carlson, Graduate School Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship for his dissertation project "The Old English Language of Fear" (adviser Andrew Scheil); Elissa Hansen, Graduate School Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship for her dissertation project "Signs of the Time: Temporality in Fourteenth Century English Contemplative Writing" (adviser Rebecca Krug); Josh Mabie, Consortium Fellowship, University Consortium on Law and Values in Health, Environment, and the Life Sciences (adviser Dan Philippon); Eric Brownell, Samuel Hold Monk Memorial Prize for Published Scholarship, for his article "Our Lady of the Telegraph: Mina as Medieval Cyborg in Bram Stoker's Dracula," Journal of Dracula Studies, 12 (December 2010), 29-51 (adviser Lois Cucullu); Emily Anderson, Garner/McNaron/Sprengnether Summer Fellowship in Feminist Literary Studies, for her project "Marrying Monsters, Becoming Bridezillas: The Reimagining of the Gothic in 21st Century Narratives of Marriage" (Cucullu); and Eun Joo Kim, Audrey Christensen Library Acquisition Prize (adviser Josephine Lee). Congratulations to all!


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