Another Lost Soul

by Holly Strong

The waves fall violently upon one another
Collide, stinging the sea
Casting a slight breeze across the rickety bridge
Which brushes the unshaven face of a broken man
His faded, torn jeans press upon
His worn legs
The cold of this air inflames
That frigid feeling deep within his soul
Seeming to mock his pain

Above, bold stars hide
Behind clouds of onyx mist
So surreal, reminding him of a van Gogh painting
He once encountered in this bleak city
The swirls of the sky creating an aura of false peace
But below his meek legs tremble
Reminding him of the fear deep inside
Of the unknown, of what is to come

Still feet slowly creep toward the edge
Drawn toward the rush of the waves below
Unsuspecting drivers continue their journeys
Among the city lights which shine
Like scintillating diamonds
Amid a never-ending black pool
They will never know
This lost, drained man

The man does not detect their presence either
He is defeated by despair
Mesmerized by this minute
Ready to momentarily take flight
He bends his aching knees
Allows his feet to slip now
Falling, drifting, relaxing, releasing
In slow motion, time dragging
Unlike tasks from his past
Which somehow always got out of hand

A chill pulses through his entire body
As his weight interrupts the sea
His breath is seized, his heart crushed
Under the last pressure
To torment and tease
His tired soul
Now at rest under the churning waves
On a journey toward the unknown
As the only witness, that painted sky
Rains its tears for another lost soul

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