by Katie Kirchoff

It’s a rule of driving out where I live
that home is twenty minutes from everywhere
And everywhere is forty-five minutes
from everywhere else so cars drive
more than they should and it’s easy to lose track
of where things are and the musical tracks
on the CD player that skips when it hits a bump
skips a beat when the Cavalier rolls towards the stop,
the stop that has stopped a million stops
and the Cavalier slows and the foot’s on the break
but the mini-van coming down the hill is so close
but not close enough to allow to beat on the left
the Cavalier which is younger and faster and stronger
no point looking right where things never happen
out in the country where people drive faster
if I’d been in the cities, where things move much slower
and white trucks they don’t barrel at ninety per hour
I wouldn’t have ended up in a field
fifty yards from the spot where my car collided
with a man about twenty years over his due
And my white shirt I’d worn since before I remember
wouldn’t have been soaked with the blood of another
except the blood was mine but it couldn’t have been
Because girls my age don’t get covered in red
And the glass of my windshield and the glass in my eye
were made from the same patch of granular sand
and the decorative frog on the edge of my window
Is nodding his head and this is a dream because dreams don’t happen
So I lay in the grass where the crickets are chirping
And the white clouds flow by and the blue sky flows too
I close my eyes and this should end, so I can be back in my bed
But my car has driven more than it should
And the roads and fields are swallowing it whole
And as much as I want this dream to end
my bed is twenty minutes away from here
and forty-five minutes from everywhere else.

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