May 2008 Archives

A Quiet Dinner With A Friend

Rhael Laramy

A Journey to the Land with No Tollbooths

Jeff Shockley

Summer Rain

The Abdomen


Roster McCabe

Black Pride

Timotheus Gordon, Jr.

New Girl

Jonathan Dessi-Olive

Bleach the Black Away

Cindy Koy

You Don't Care


Little Company

The New Music Machine

Be Connected

Jasmine Omorogbe, Thomas Toley, and Mosun

Bring Me Down

Will Hutchinson

A Cold Silence

Sarah Boden

Osbick Bird

Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles


Little Boxes


Marlene Moxness

Won't you come see me

Two Beat Band

Sweet Home Chicago

by Timotheus Pharaoh Gordon, Jr.

La Mer

By Marisa Tam

What's Inside You

What's Inside You by Peter Laughlin

Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal by Erin Raffensperger

Untitled 2

Untitled 2 by Justin Edstrom


Pacific by Pal Fosaaen

Northern Pacific Lights

Northern Pacific Lights by Davidson Ward

Little Beating Hearts

Little Beating Hearts by Nic Buron

Lights and Motion

Lights and Motion by Marisa Tam

Kowalski Girl

Kowalski Girl by Brittany du'Monceaux


Jacques by Aaron Ridgeway

Iron City

Iron City by Allison Kirby

I Was Born Into This

I Was Born Into This by Sylvia de Sonia


Farming by Aaron Ridgeway

Dorothy Becoming A Woman

Dorothy Becoming a Woman by Sarah Reuter


Conquest by Christopher Ziolkowski

Comics Rule 3

Comics Rule 3 by Michelle Silva

Comics Rule 2

Comics Rule 2 by Michelle Silva

Comics Rule 1

Comics Rule 1 by Michelle Silva

Cold Love

Cold Love by Sarah Reuter

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