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It’s April now, and we’ve somehow finished most of what we set out to do as a literary magazine. We have edited the pants off of the rough copy of the Ivory Tower (multiple times) and given it a kiss and sent it off to the printer in Wisconsin. It looks great, and we now have to wait a few weeks to receive the copies we’ll distribute on campus. So we study literary magazines while we wait. It has been interesting to observe how literary magazines have changed (or in some cases, stayed the same) through the years, and how they can be barometers for the times during which they were published.

We’re also working on planning our launch party. We’ve found a location in Coffman and are looking into finding some delicious food and décor for our shindig. Lucy Michelle (from Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapels) will be playing, and we’re excited to have her. It’s going to be an awesome event, and we’re hoping lots of people will show up for it! Hope to see YOU there!

Kate Carpenter
Poetry Editor

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